Making a eave mumble server?

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Making a eave mumble server?

Post by ArrowChappo on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:52 pm

I was wondering if we should make a mumble server for eave. Its a easy and simple program to use with outstanding quality and if you watch the link of the comparision chart below you can see it for yourself Razz
(cant send external links or emails for 7 days ) scratch

One of the most positive things about mumble is the maximum users : Unlimited !
Also any members or friends of the guild can join anytime they want. ( You dont need to invite them)
Also we could make channels like : Chaoszak , Empress and many other channels in the eave server.

Hopefully I informed you guys enough and if you have any questions about mumble I can answer them ingame or here on the forum.
Let me hear how you guys think about this Smile


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